World Informatix Cyber Security

World Informatix Cyber Security offers a broad range of cyber security services which can meet the diverse needs of our global clients. We specialize in providing tailored solutions which help organizations protect against the constantly evolving threats found in the 21st century.


With global operations spanning across 5 continents, our services have helped our customers assess vulnerabilities and provide risk-based remediation plans through a combination of advanced penetration testing and expert review of industry controls. Our engineers are experts in cyber security and possess industry leading certifications and accolades.

    • Cyber Security & IT Governance Consulting
    • Comprehensive Security Program Reviews (Including SWIFT/Payment System Review)
    •  Penetration Testing for Network,Website, Wi-Fi & more (Internal/External, Red Teaming Exercises)
    • Risk & Vulnerability Assessments
    • Security Operation Center (SOC) Services (24/7 Logging & Monitoring)
    • Custom Mitigation Plan Services
    • Cloud  Security Review
    • Cyber Security Training & Awareness

SWIFT Payment Systems Assurance Services

A WICS Flagship Service

Cyber attacks on SWIFT payment systems continues to pose a global threat. As a result of a number of targeted breaches in recent years, SWIFT has issued mandatory customer security controls to establish a security baseline for the entire industry.

W​ICS has developed a proprietary 'SWIFT Payment System Assurance' framework to ensure your SWIFT systems are safe against Cyber Attacks.

Security Operation Center Services

WICS Managed SOC is the combination of human and machine intelligence which analyzes millions of events in real time for 24/7 threat detection. Our professionals use analytics tools to collect and correlate security events from different infrastructure types, security devices and applications before delivering events to your designated IT or SOC analyst to review and respond. If a threat is detected, a notification is sent with details, forensic analysis and recommended remediation for incident response. This service is vital to any organization to protect from a data breach and saves valuable time and money for your IT and security teams.

Cloud Security Technical Reviews

a. Compliance and Risk Management: Organizations shifting part of their business to the cloud are still responsible for compliance, risk, and security management, as well as for adherence to industry regulations.

b. Identity and Access Management: Identities may come from different providers, and providers must be able to federate from on-premises to the cloud as well as enable collaboration across organization and country borders.

c. Service Integrity: Cloud-based services should be engineered and operated with security in mind; the operational processes should be integrated into the organization’s security management.

d. Endpoint Integrity: As cloud-based services originate, and are then consumed on-premises, the security, compliance, and integrity of the endpoint must be part of any security consideration.

e. Information Protection: Cloud services require reliable processes for protecting information before, during, and after the transaction.

General Cyber Security Services

Develop Cyber Security Strategy and Assessment


  • FireEye Mandiant Compromise Assessment Services: Determine whether your environment has been breached and find compromised assets
  • FireEye Endpoint Protection: Secure your endpoints with world-class protection
  • Cytegic Intelligence based,Decision Support System: Identifies high risk areas. DSS product combines threat analysis using internal assessment and external threat intelligence enabling risk managers to focus resources and investment in high risk areas
  • LightCyber’s Magna: Brings advanced technology to detect anomalous behaviors in network intrusion detection and is not based on standard signatures and pattern recognition

All Cyber Scan results are enhanced manually to weed out false positives and recommend risk based remedial actions. Cyber Services are provided using an onsite-offshore model.

Full privacy and confidentiality of data is maintained . Data never leaves the premises of client data centers or will be based in secure US-hosted Data Center facilities.