World Informatix Cyber Security

World Informatix Cyber Security brings global talent and experienced staff to support your information security needs. The cyber security landscape is changing rapidly, increasing risks for governments and global corporations. World Informatix partners with cyber defense product companies to bring you comprehensive cyber security testing.

  • Provide Reliable and Cost Effective Cyber Services
  • Bring Advanced Technology to Solve Cyber Security Challenges Facing Financial Institutions
  • Global Partnership with Cyber Defense Companies
  • Innovative Cyber Defense Products

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Develop Cyber Security Strategy and Assessment

  • Assess cyber security posture against standards
  • Assess and develop information security policy
  • Develop a next generation security strategy
  • Implement data loss prevention solutions

Provision of Reliable Cost Effective Services

  • External Penetration Testing Services: Involves the use of automated testing tools to conduct penetration or vulnerability tests that probe weaknesses which may be exploited by hackers. 
  • Dynamic Application Cyber Scanning: Involves using automated testing tools and inspecting the running applications (including mobile apps) behavior & response to various inputs and value-added analysis
  • Static Cyber Scanning: Involves reviewing or auditing the application’s source code manually, or by using automated source code analyzer tools
  • Database Cyber Scanning: Identifies vulnerabilities in configuration, weak passwords, missing patches, access controls, and weakness that lead to cyber security attacks.
  • Production Cyber Scanning: Vulnerability assessments for production web-based and mobile applications to identify vulnerabilities in a non-invasive manner.
  • Mobile Application Cyber Scanning: Use of automated tools to conduct penetration or vulnerability tests and inspect application behaviors and responses to various inputs and value-added analysis of business risks
  • Infrastructure Vulnerability Scanning: Use of sophisticated tools to continuously monitor infrastructure vulnerabilities
  • PCI DSS Compliance: Our teams will assist you in identifying and fixing PCI DSS related compliance issues
  • Cloud Security Services Cloud Security Alliance Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM) is based on our fundamental security principles. It is used to guide cloud vendors and to assist prospective cloud customers in assessing the overall security risk of a cloud provider


All Cyber Scan results are enhanced manually to weed out false positives, provide value-added analysis of business risks and recommend remedial actions. Cyber services are provided using an onsite-offshore model.



Cost Effective

Our solutions are cost effective and flexible to allow you to meet your security objectives at an affordable cost



Our solutions are offered as a managed service and allow you to scale up/down on demand



We bring the appropriate tools based on the context of technologies being accessed. We provide specific and contextual remediation advice


Risk Based

All our assessment techniques are risk based and are customized based on the understanding of your business and your environment


Technical Depth

Detailed technical assessments through the use of automated tools and leveraging the experience and knowledge of professionals


  • FireEye Mandiant Compromise Assessment Services: Determine whether your environment has been breached and find compromised assets
  • Cytegic Intelligence based,Decision Support System: Identifies high risk areas. DSS product combines threat analysis using internal assessment and external threat intelligence enabling risk managers to focus resources and investment in high risk areas
  • LightCyber’s Magna: Brings advanced technology to detect anomalous behaviors in network intrusion detection and is not based on standard signatures and pattern recognition


All Cyber Scan results are enhanced manually to weed out false positives and recommend risk based remedial actions. Cyber Services are provided using an onsite-offshore model.

Full privacy and confidentiality of data is maintained . Data never leaves the premises of client data centers or will be based in secure US-hosted Data Center facilities.


ISO9001:2008 Quality Systems certified company


World Informatix Cyber Security (WICS) is proud to announce that we are now a ISO 9001:2008 Quality Systems certified company. This meticulous certification process ensures excellence in delivery of our cyber security services. WICS is committed to exceeding customer expectations of highest quality services and continuous improvement of our processes.

Our services are not just based on automated scanning tools but based on the deep experience of having completed over 5000 website vulnerability assessments by following a disciplined and rigorous process. Our expert engineers are adept at going beyond the usual and find vulnerabilities that automated scanners most likely will miss.

ISO 9001 certification is a reflection of our maturing cyber security organization with worldwide clients who trust our cyber security services.