The heist has created ripples around the world ever since the news involving Bangladesh Central Bank broke in the media in February of 2016. The US $101 million theft has been acknowledged as the single largest cyber heist in history.

Bangladesh Bank has entrusted World Informatix Cyber Security (WICS) with the investigation mandate for this heist, relying on the company's human and technological expertise. With sophisticated security tools, we have already pieced together the cyber-crime story and begun containment and remediation to ensure that such incidents are not repeated again.

We are committed to regain the credibility of digital transactions worldwide and stamp our authority in the industry.

Company Profile

World Informatix Cyber Security is a trusted partner of global businesses and governments and was recently engaged by a major Central Bank for an emergency incident response to a high value security incident. WICS was responsible for leading the emergency incident response, containment, rapid vulnerability assessment and remediation of the Central Bank’s IT infrastructure.



WICS Whitepaper

Key Profile of the Cyber-Attack:

  1. Sophisticated malware was deployed by the attacker on the target servers running SWIFT Alliance Access (SAA) applications. Attack was designed to process SWIFT transactions with legitimate harvested credentials
  2. Targeted attack – Malware was specifically designed for a targeted attack to operate on servers running SWIFT Alliance Access (SAA)
  3. Complex malwares have been identified with advanced features of harvesting of credentials and to securely erase all traces of activity after accomplishing its task. Complementary malware was used to sustain the attack - such as keys loggers and attacker utilities for post attack cleanup
  4. Defeats normal Cyber security measures - Attacker was capable of penetrating normal cyber security defenses. All the tools employed by the attacker were custom-made and bypassed the deployed anti-virus solutions.