We offer a diverse selection of security awareness and training services aimed at helping your organization improve its security posture by ensuring a consistent level of knowledge and awareness of common cyber-threats. Our security awareness solutions give access to assessments, interactive training modules, reinforcement materials and comprehensive reporting features. A large catalogue of content can be delivered through cloud-based modular training courses and/or live instructor-led classes. In addition to courses and classes, we offer a wide variety of supporting materials such as posters, videos, images and articles.

Cybersecurity awareness training program content can be custom tailored to educate employees and end-users of all levels, with the ability to track progress through intuitive and powerful Learning Management Systems (LMS).  Available courses can be broadly categorized in three categories: Cybersecurity Basics, Advanced Cybersecurity topics and Cybersecurity Executive Essentials.

Cybersecurity Basics:

A comprehensive selection of beginner-level cyber security awareness courses are available, providing general knowledge of critical security topics to all levels of an organization. Interactive and cloud-based courses are designed to be on-demand, engaging and digestible.

Advanced Cybersecurity Topics:

In-depth information about advanced cybersecurity topics are available for both a technical and non-technical audience. Courses can be delivered through the cloud, or via in-person instructor led classes.

Cybersecurity Executive Essentials:

Custom content geared towards management level & executives are available via web-based or instructor led courses. Course content is generally non-technical in nature, providing essential information to decision-making personnel within your organization.