Cyber Incident Response (IR)

World Informatix Cyber Security helps organizations respond to urgent security incidents by providing rapid & reliable consulting services. WICS provides access to senior consultants with experience in real-world breaches to assist in event of an attack, or help prepare your organization against a possible attack.

  • World Informatix provided the incident response for the largest cyber-heist in history. The USD $101million theft from the Central Bank of Bangladesh in 2016. Click Here for more information

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Direct WICS Phone #: +1 561-295-8840

IR Planning

Incident Response plans & documentation

Tabletop simulation

Policy creation & Guidance

Threat consulting & management

Attack surface evaluation

SOC training & playbook creation

Incident Response Services

IR Response

24x7 incident response

Root cause analysis

Attack mitigation

Malware forensics

Detailed reporting

IR Mitigation

Compromise assessment

Threat hunting

Domain takedown services

Attack disruption services

Post-attack remediation