Strategic Advisory Services

World Informatix Advisory Services


World Informatix provides Strategic Management Consulting, Cyber Security Services and IT Project Implementation services to global business and  governments. The World Informatix team brings together a consortium of experienced professionals, including some ex-World Bank senior staff, who bring a unique perspective for successful implementation of IT projects. Our experienced staff  brings a wealth of knowledge and a deep passion for successful project outcomes.

The company's focus is not only on good project design but also on business process changes, sound technical design and required investments in change management and training. With a proven track record of consultants with over 25 years of professional experience,  we deploy a strong team for every engagement.

Information Technology Consulting

A consortium of senior executives from international financial institutions brings a wealth of experience for strategic advice in the financial sector and global entities. Our advisory services are valued globally for development of strategic information systems strategy, implementation plan. Experts at developing Procurement plans, Bid documents and supporting Request for Proposal processes. World Informatix ensures that there is strategic alignment between IT and business leveraging global IT Trends. World Informatix brings its cadre of core experienced consultants in the following illustrative areas:

  • Developing an Information Systems Strategy that aligns with the business strategy
  • Developing an implementation roadmap including organizational readiness and metrics
  • Setting up IT Governance structures to ensure ownership and monitoring of projects
  • Procurement plan and development of bid documents that match international and country procurement requirements
  • Setting up an IT Organization and project implementation unit with well defined controls for project and budget management
  • Outsourcing and Offshoring strategy including contracting with vendors, service level agreements and offshore development centers
  • Conducting an Information Security assessment and next generation cyber security strategy
  • Provide Independent Testing and Validation Cyber Security Services

IT Project Functional Support

World Informatix consultants have functional expertise to support IT projects in the Financial Sector for international financial institutions and government sector in the developing countries. World Informatix does not take on project delivery responsibility but provides functional experts to support system integrators.

The key challenge in complex project implementation continues to be organizational readiness for managing the ensuing business transformation, change management that often accompanies large scale business process changes. The softer challenges of change management, skills development, organization and governance often outweigh the technical challenges of installing, configuring and customizing commercial products to meet the business goals.

The key functional areas in the financial sector include:

  • Functional expertise in Financial systems
  • Business Intelligence in related field
  • Change Management and Training
  • Information Security Assessment and Implementation
  • Geographic Information Systems



Our clients 

  • Advisory Services for International Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD), Rome (2014)
  • Advisory Services for Electricity Generation Company of Bangladesh, Dhaka (2013)
  • Advisory Services to the Prime Minister's Office Albania, Tirana (2013)
  • Advisory Services to the Central Bank of Yemen, Sanaa (2014)
  • Advisory Services to Tanzania Social Action Fund, Dare es Salaam (2001)

Contact for Advisory Services

Rakesh Asthana, Managing Director & CEO


Phone (USA): +17036352794