SWIFT Payment Systems Assurance Services

World Informatix Cyber Security is a leading provider of cyber security services for SWIFT payment systems

Trusted by Banks and Governments worldwide

The Arrival of Cloud Computing is changing the Cyber Security Landscape


World Informatix Cyber Security provides security technical reviews

of Cloud Networks


Security Operation Center (SOC)

Managed SOC Services complete an Organizations defense against Cyber Threats

World Informatix Cyber Security helps detect and respond to 24/7 threats


General Cyber Security Services

1Cyber Security GovernanceEstablish and implement a cybersecurity governance framework that supports informed decision making and escalation within the organization and Board to manage cybersecurity risks.

2.Information Security Risk AssessmentsConduct regular assessments to identify cybersecurity risks associated with firm assets and vendors and prioritize their remediation.

1Vulnerability Management & Technical Gap AssessmentsStandards (ISO 27000, NIST or SANS) based assessment of adequacy of technical controls to protect software and hardware that stores and processes data

1Cyber Security Awareness ProgramsCybersecurity training that is tailored to staff needs and delivers interactive CBT training with monitoring to increase retention

124×7 Security Operation ServicesEstablish a 24x7 Security Operations Center to monitor alerts and continuously analyze log events with or without a SIEM

1Incident Response PlanningEstablish policies and procedures, as well as roles and responsibilities for escalating and responding to cybersecurity incidents

1Cyber Insurance PlanningEvaluate the utility of cyber insurance as a way to transfer some risk as part of their risk management processes

1Vendor Risk ManagementManage cybersecurity risks that can arise across the lifecycle of vendor relationships using a risk-based approach to vendor management

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